All I See Is You


Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
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Blake Lively as Gina
Jason Clarke as James
Wes Chatham as Daniel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Marks 5 / 10

All I see is a mediocre film

Marc Forster has delivered some decent big budget films in the past, like World War Z and Quantum of Solace, but All I See is You is smaller and a less epic offering. The story is an interesting one, a woman who has been blind for a long time has a procedure to get her eyesight back. The recovery period is long but ultimately successful in helping her gain her eyesight back, but she slowly starts realizing her life is not at all what it seems.

I thought the cast did a fine job, Blake Lively played a blind woman quite well and Jason Clarke played her supportive yet angry husband.

The problem with this movie is that nothing really happens, it tried to hit the viewer with a couple twists but those ultimately fell flat. Another problem was that it tried to use sex to further the narrative but that really just got in the way and felt forced. Maybe Marc was trying to distract the viewer with sex so they don't realize his movie is boring. A sort of plus was the handful of cool visuals that were scattered throughout the film, I won't tell you what they are because I don't really know how to explain them and if you choose to see it, I don't want to give anything away.

My Suggestion: See it if you like Blake Lively or Jason Clarke enough to sit through a boring movie starring them.

Seen at TIFF 2016.

Reviewed by mr-bryce 6 / 10

failed potential, twisted plot

What could have been a moral fable supportive of every man and woman engaged in living together turned out to be yet another man-hating movie preaching that women better be girls that fend for themselves. torment, selfishness and cruelty, is what the plot is drawn out of, a somewhat dark an pitiful perspective on life. To achieve this, the scenarist needed to carve the male protagonist in the posture of a person that fails to enjoy life, a loser, possessive, reluctant and introvert. For the first hour you will be introduced to the life of a couple, regularly through the blurry lenses of the female protagonist. The slow pacing of the movie is not a problem there: before the story even begins, we are given a few clues about some discrete forces in society that tear couples apart: bragging and lust, obsessions and anxiety. Gina is a blind woman who lives her intimacy in a very solitary yet colorful way. Closed off from sight, every senses place her alone in her environment. Vulnerable, yet protected and lively, she channels this liveliness into her fantasies and re-immerses herself in her environment through imagination. As Gina is getting her reparative surgery, we can begin to spot other values that will be driving the plot: disappointment, disillusions, growing expectations, but more than anything: a woman's ascension to power., Just as teenage girls grow into womanhood by discovering the power of seduction that they been granted by this society's values, Gina will be living a renewed teenage-hood, in one of those unbalanced ways. The makeshift inability of her partner to follow in all this excitement can only be explained in one way: the choice was made to promote extroversion and stigmatize introversion, to promote promiscuity and stigmatize sobriety. the most unreliable male characters are glorified as consumption products which Gina will follow in avidly. in contrast, what would be her most reliable partner becomes a distrustful, manipulative and admonished dummy she systematically leaves behind in order to satisfy her desires by herself. This could have been a remarkable baseline for illustrating how the individual commonly fails to care about the couple, how people fail at sincerity and intimacy, how they fail at promotion and renunciation, how they focus on profit and aesthetics and forget to build anything deep. Unfortunately you're about an hour in to the movie, and it is all downhill from there.

Reviewed by rockman182 5 / 10

All I See is You (2017)

Time to tell you how bad this film is. I didn't know much about it but I really like Blake Lively. Ever since the Gossip Girl days I've been interested in seeing more of her. The Shallows might be ridiculous at times but she's good in it and does show effort to her role. The same can be said for her commitment to this film, however its a shame everything else about this film lets her down. Its definitely a "what the hell did I just watch" film.

The film is about a woman who is blind and has surgery to repair her vision. Once this happens her husband starts realizing that she knows about how attractive and appealing she is and becomes concerned with their marriage falling apart and her being pulled out towards other relationships. That's really whats going on. Along the way she starts losing her sight again along with her relationship. And then there's a what the heck moment with an incredibly stupid ending.

The film does a good job of portraying eye popping visuals for what Lively's character sees when she is blind. The foggy, ever changing, and almost psychedelic visuals of her vision are quite nice to look at. As mentioned earlier Lively is good in this, but everyone in this film is unlikable. Lively's character isn't worth redeeming, Jason Clarke' s character is mysterious, like was he even good or bad? There's a lot of weird awkward moments dialogues about dicks and a very weirdly creepy brother in law. Yikes.

I want to say there was potential here but about twenty minutes in you realize that its just wasted time. I want to see Lively in something better with a good filmmaker to bat. This is just a frustratingly bad experience because we have a frustrating director at the helm. Its quite stupid at times, you may want to check it out to see if you can form a different more positive opinion about it. Honestly though, its better to not "see" this one.


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