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Horror / Thriller

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Bella Thorne as Jamie
Ioan Gruffudd as Carl Mitchell
Matthew Willig as Terror
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nbruesch-65170 1 / 10

Predictable and slow moving

This is one of the worst wastes of time I've ever experienced. Im not sure why the family didn't just walk out the front door at the beginning. I guess then we wouldn't have movie. I'm also not sure how the killer(s) can make the lights flicker throughout the house...sometimes they work and sometimes not. Oh and that drone somehow has an endless battery life, flying around the entire movie. It takes FOREVER for anything to develop and the characters continuously do stupid stuff that just makes you angry. For example, stun the killer but then don't grab his weapon for protection later...or actually make sure he's dead. Or, on your way trying to sneak out of the house, make sure you stop to grab some gauze that happens to be in the kitchen to wrap up that cut on your arm. Absolutely nothing about this movie is good at all. Avoid at all cost .

Reviewed by TerribleKatherine 3 / 10

I was telling myself not to give up watching

The first word. that comes to mind, is "exhausting". I mean it in a bad way. The way this movie is filmed.. it's annoying and I feel like jumping from a hidden camera to hand-held camera to god-knows-what camera took so much away of this movie. I wasn't even remotely scared once, I was wanted everyone dead so they end the damn film. Between the jump scares and "come look at this"-cliches I didn't find a lot of originality and neither was that whole "the killers know every move you make beforehand"-bs very believable. It is literally impossible for the killer to know what is going to happen Every Single Time and I feel like a lot of horror movie makers, especially this "kill or be killed"-genre, relies on it. About the acting I have no massive complaints. Ioan Gruffudd is always believable to me, he's got some talent, and Natalie Martinez handled that "naive, helpless housewife"-part well. Chandler Riggs will always be Carl (CORAL!!) to me and he did what was expected of him. Bella Thorne is new to me, I don't follow Disney stars and don't really give a crap about them. She was okay I guess, could've been worse. At least she doesn't have annoying mannerisms, at least not yet. Leigh Whannell was a fun add, he always cracks me up. I didn't recognize him at first though. So, I could've spent that 1,5 hours a bit better but luckily I never have to watch this again. Hopefully Whannell and Gruffudd score some better movie roles.

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 2 / 10

Typical, typical, typical, typical!

Keep Watching was announced back in late 2013 and announced that it would star Bella Thorne and Chandler Riggs and would be about a family returning home from holidays only to find out they are the next victims of a serial killer who has planted their house with cameras in order to murder them while live streaming it over the interent..(sigh). Keep Watching, I actually was kind of excited for until I heard it was delayed and taking up the found footage genre then eventually it was released for one night and although the viewers who saw it were very limited I managed to see a few reviews posted by YouTube Keep Watching shows us that found footage has officially died, it probably died sometime around when the Paranormal Activity films started getting bad and when The Visit, The Gallows and Unfriended came around 2015. The acting in this film was probably the thing that saved it from getting down to a one star, Bella Thorne, Chandler Riggs and Leigh Whannell were actually really good in this film, the film was actually believed to have been filmed back in 2013 and thats everyone looks like they're from 2010. Keep Watching is overall your typical money grabbing film that I'm glad that it did'nt make money because if so, everyone would be broke over a lousy no good camera made horror film.

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