Lady Bird


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 99%
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Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird McPherson
Jake McDorman as Mr. Bruno
Odeya Rush as Jenna Walton
Laurie Metcalf as Marion McPherson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DJKwa 8 / 10

Funny, biting and never anything less than human

Funny, biting and never anything less than human, Lady Bird is an assured directorial debut for indie darling Greta Gerwig. Through her writing and directing, she seems to have absorbed the best qualities of frequent collaborator Noah Baumbach while infusing the film with a personality that feels decisively her own. The characters feel real, the dialogue is snappy and full of witty interplay and it's all neatly packaged into a brisk 93 minutes meaning Lady Bird never looses its edge.

In the titular role, Saoirse Ronan stars as Christine McPherson, a rebellious seventeen year-old who dyes her hair pink, eats communion wafers like snacks and insists that everyone call her Lady Bird. Living in the anaemic suburbs of Sacramento, California (as characterised by an opening quote from Joan Didion), the film follows Christine as she navigates her last year at a Catholic high school from shifting friendships, first loves and, of course, prom.

Despite containing all the requisite elements, calling Lady Bird a coming of age story feels reductive as the film ruminates on parenthood just as much as it does on adolescence. Christine's strained relationship with her mother is an integral part of the story and the depth afforded to her parents ensure they are not simply ancillaries to Christine's own personal growth.

Her mother, Marion (Laurie Metcalf), struggles to accept Christine for who she is, juggling her responsibilities as a mother with her willingness to provide unconditional love. She tells her daughter, "I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be", to which Christine replies, "What if this is the best version?"

On the other hand, Christine's relationship with her father, Larry (Tracy Letts), is less tempestuous but marked by a brewing sadness. Having recently lost his job and struggling with depression, Larry has to come to terms with the fact that his daughter will soon move out to go to college. The poignant scene the two share together on Christine's eighteenth birthday is pronounced by the mutual understanding that the transition into adulthood means letting go.

The film is remarkably well balanced in its depictions of both sides of the coming-of age narrative. The trials and tribulations experienced by both Christine and her parents' is why Lady Bird will likely feel relatable to audiences of all ages. Even so, Gerwig has stated that she wrote the character of Lady Bird as the opposite to how she was in high school. Perhaps then, Lady Bird feels relatable, as through Christine she has crafted a character for the rebellious, non-conformist streak within all of us.

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 8 / 10

Nice little comedy drama, with Sacramento as the backdrop.

This is a nice little comedy drama about a Catholic school girl who comes of age in Sacramento, California and aspires to study the arts in college in New York. We get to see a pretty captivating look at her high school days, from dealing with rebellious friends to uninteresting boyfriends. Also, her sometimes rocky relationship between her and her mom were emphasized in the movie, as well as her love/hate relationship with Sacramento. The girl was a brat though, and some of the things she's done and said were quite jaw-dropping. Too bad she didn't quite reprimanded for that - it would have been quite the satisfactory result.

Being a Sacramentan myself, it's nice seeing the city serving as a backdrop for a motion picture, let alone a Best Picture Nominee. Seeing familiar Sacramento places on the big screen, from the State Capitol to the Tower Bridge, from the Crest Theatre to the Tower Theatre, and from Gunther's Ice-Cream to Sac International Airport was a real treat.

Grade B

Reviewed by Tejas Nair 9 / 10

Capsule Review: Lady Bird

It's surprising to learn that Lady Bird is a debut feature. Armed with a commonplace story but written with complete conviction and contemplation of the characters, writer-director Great Gerwig transcends all her past work with one short reel of 90 minutes. The supremely talented Saoirse Ronan plays 'Lady Bird', a school-going teenager at the height of adolescence. At first look, it seems like a boring rehash of that 2014 Richard Linklater film, but enter 15 minutes into the screenplay, and you will find your hands over your face with spread fingers trying to consume but not fully consume the idiosyncrasies of this lady as she communicates with her family and friends with a touch of awkwardness. Lady Bird is a refreshingly pleasant film that is driven by its imaginative dialogues between characters, a strong and relevant soundtrack, and most importantly, the performance of its cast. Ronan is effortless, but for me, it is Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts who take the pie. The former is always seen in a scrub, indicative of the fact that she is always on character. I almost thought that Metcalf was playing life, and makes me wonder if she has issues with her real-life daughter. Letts is this passive person who impresses you with his subtlety. But, more than him, it is Timothée Chalamet who comes out of the ring and wins you over in terms of subtlety. There is surely this charm about the actor which makes him instantly likable regardless of his character's shady shades. It can be difficult to add all this characterization and dialogues in a film that competes with the speed of light, but Lady Bird never falls short and manages to convey what it had in mind since the start. Equally funny and dramatic, it is one of the most fun films I have seen all year, and I can't even contain the happiness of seeing David Wallace here. (Looks like he sold Dunder Mifflin. LOL.) Lady Bird is fantastic. no doubt. TN.

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