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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mowasteph 4 / 10

Misses The Boat

I have been getting into Minimalism and reading the blogs/listening to the podcasts of not only The Minimalist but many others featured in this film. So when notices came up about this movie I thought, heck ya, I'll go see it. And ,I'm sure like some others in the theater, I dragged along a loved one to see what they thought.

The unfortunate thing is that this movie gives out nothing of practical value to one who has not been researching, reading books, and watching YouTube videos on the subject. It's a nice promo and there is a smattering of interesting information...but not much.

The problem is on both ends of the spectrum. At the beginning of the spectrum is "what do I DO to be minimalist?" and the other end of the spectrum is "what is my actual end PURPOSE in becoming a minimalist?" This movie does not really address either end.

If you wanna talk PURPOSE go read James Wallman's Stuffocation. Brilliant book. Why do I and others get into Minimalism? Minimalism is the stepping stone towards clearing the way to going after what you REALLY want. Wallman's book discusses it in detail. This movie should have had a lot more of that. Especially in the case of Colin Wright. They had Colin Wright in the movie for, like, a minute. But his story is a lot more interesting. For him, Minimalism was not the end was the end game. Minimalism is how he achieved it. There should have been a lot more stories in the movie along this vein.

So how about the beginning of the spectrum? Here they failed too. Before the movie started a loud couple behind me were chatting away and one couldn't help but hear the conversation. The woman asked "does this have anything to do with that woman who wrote the Tidying Up book?" I couldn't help but inwardly smirk slightly...except in the end this woman had a point.

Some practical advice on HOW to go minimalist would have been as handy as some "other spectrum end" stuff on the why of it. There was a little bit about the 333 Project, but hell, The Minimalists didn't even discuss the famous "packing party." Numerous 5-minute videos on YouTube are going to give you more practical advice than you get here. There wasn't even any talk about psychology or your relationship to your things. This is an important aspect of the topic.

A few good things: that woman who discussed marketing and advertising...she was good. Interesting story about that newscaster that lost it on air. And Sam Harris. You can always give me more Sam Harris.

Reviewed by rjlbatty 4 / 10

Great idea, disappointing execution

I agree with and try to live in accordance with the central idea that this documentary is trying to get across - focus on the important things rather than on consumer objects. But this documentary was a disappointment - I didn't even get all the way through. It's light on content, repeating the same basic ideas over and over. And using the book tour as a central narrative was dull and made the documentary look like an advert for the book.

Instead, I would have loved to have seen other issues explored. How do different minimalists do it differently? Is minimalism just a way of having a nice low-stress life or do people use it as a basis for helping others? What are some practical ways of reducing costs? How do people blend it with other alternative ways of living? How have people lived minimally in history? Does it work better in a city or the countryside? etc.

Reviewed by D' Francis 6 / 10

I like the cause, but this documentary doesn't add much to it.

Minimalism can be an eye-opening message for anyone who hasn't been exposed to it, but for most, it's too little too late. Documentaries like Food Inc and An Inconvenient Truth were ahead of their time, coming out before the zenith of the information age. But minimalism has pervaded through blogs, books, Youtube, college lectures and TED already, and making this documentary at this time was a very safe choice.

It has a little bit of everything, some dialogue from semi-famous bloggers (and Sam Harris), a few anecdotes, pictures, data, some shots of Americans being iphone-addicted slobs. It has a lot of good one liners but doesn't particularly go into any one thing in depth. I don't think I walked away from it knowing anything I didn't already know.

Every now and then, I do need a little reminder to cut back on my excess and focus on quality rather than quantity, and this movie does that. It's useful for that.But this joins a long line of works with the cliché message of "avoid consumerism, find fulfilment in your life and live in the woods maybe".

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