When We First Met



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Alexandra Daddario as Avery Martin
Robbie Amell as Ethan
Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby
Noureen DeWulf as Margo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yellowblack3 10 / 10

Exactly what you are expecting

Do you know what is like when you don't want a movie to end? That's exactly what you get by watching that movie. A twist of love, laughter, a good story, that's all you need. I enjoyed it more than expected to be honest and it's being a while since I had that feeling from a film that kind. Perfect cast and good storyline.

Reviewed by dhaha-18101 8 / 10

Wholesome FeelGood RomCom

Honestly, I went into this movie with low expectations, and I came out pleasantly surprised and amused. I like Adam Devine, especially his work in Workaholics, and find him quite funny. Alexandra Daddario, in my most humble opinion, is such a total BABE; so fine omg. Anyway, I digress; this movie was just super wholesome and left you with a good warm feeling when you finished it. Sure it was cliche at moments and you could basically predict the plot if you're an avid movie watcher, but I don't think that takes away from the movie in general. If you came into this movie expecting an oscar-winning crazy complex contemporary movie that made you really think about it's major themes and underlying messages then I'm sorry but you're going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you go into this movie with an open mind, a fun mood, and some popcorn, I believe you will come to enjoy this movie for what it is: a Wholesome Feelgood Romcom.

Reviewed by chauge-73253 8 / 10

Is What You Want Really What You Want?

Adam Devine plays Noah, a happy-go-lucky piano bar guy who becomes infatuated with Avery, played by Alexandria Daddario, at a Halloween party. When his first date with her goes awry, he stumbles onto his savior solution in the form of a time-traveling photo booth in the bar he works at. Kinda like the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day", he uses the time machine to go back to the time he first met her (hence the title) and recover from his previous mistakes in order to get the girl. Or does he? Shelley Hennig plays Avery's improbably ignored best friend (Hennig is a former Miss Teen USA, so figure that one out) who ends up playing a bigger role near the end. Robbie Amell plays Noah's romantic rival for Avery's affections. All the cast members play their parts with glee, although Devine reminds me too much of a younger, beardless version of Jack Black. His overenthusiastic acting style gets a little overbearing at times, but by the end you do want to root for him. The movie ends up being a subtle lesson on looks AND compatibility which is very funny and charming. It has it's incredulous parts like any time travel movie will do, but overall it is a pleasant way to spend 97 minutes with a likable cast and some good laughs.

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